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Important message: fakes & counterfeit goods


BaByliss SARL is the title holder of the utility patent n° 2 242 393 and of the design registration: n° 002115832-0008 in relation to the products BAB2665E Miracurl™, BAB2665U Perfect Curl and IRE2665E Rusk Miracurl™ intended for professionals, n° 002217927-0001 in relation to the products C1000E Curl Secret and 2667U BaByliss Secret Styler intended for the consumer market.

As a result of this phenomenal and worldwide sales success, we are also seeing an increased number of fake websites and counterfeit products being sold.
We would like to point out to you that any risks related to the nonconformity of counterfeit versions of BaByliss products or products which have been slavishly copied are very high as regards users. Counterfeit products present serious dangers, especially in relation to health and safety, as these products do not comply with any quality standards.

Prior to any online purchase, some of the signs to look out for are:

- different colors of products. BaBylissPRO™ Miracurl™ is only available in Europe in black color.

- items being shipped from outside of France (frequently Asia): our products are always shipped directly from our warehouse in France.

- websites that have no contact numbers or addresses.

- websites selling 3 different versions: BaBylissPRO™ Miracurl™ (Europe & USA professional version) - BaBylissPRO™ Perfect Curl (UK professional version) - BaByliss Curl Secret (consumer version).

- if the product is advertised as "dual voltage", this is not a genuine product. Each one of our versions has got a single voltage. BaBylissPRO™ Miracurl™'s (Europe professional version) voltage is 230V ( information featured on the appliance and under its packaging).

- plugs: it is important to check the type of plug provided. BaBylissPRO™ Miracurl™ (European version) is provided with an European plug (GS type). Therefore mind any other kind of plugs, such as "flat" ones.

- too cheap: if the price looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

Our approved wholesalers and retailers can be found in the page "Where to buy?" on our website.

It should also be remembered that the official websites of the BaByliss-Conair Group, on which all the information relating to these products is featured, are:

We are doing all we can to have the fakes removed from sale.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us before purchasing.

Many thanks,

The BaBylissPRO™ TEAM


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